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New Zealand’s unique employment culture means finding a job when you are new to our country can be a challenge. KiwiCV was created with this struggle at its heart. How can we help those fresh off the plane transition into the job market and get noticed by employers?

Our mission is to support migrants transition into the New Zealand workforce. We do this by providing support and skills, working with individuals to create a tailored CV that meets the requirements of the job market in New Zealand.

What you need to know about the New Zealand job market

No matter the job, we can get you a seat at the table. Read on below to learn more about job hunting in New Zealand and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

Why 'Kiwi'?

It won't take you long in New Zealand to realise that we call ourselves  "Kiwis" or are referred to as "Kiwis" by people from overseas.
Pronounced the same way as the fruit but it is a reference to our native bird, The Kiwi (pictured above)

Working In New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country, which Kiwi's are proud of and working in our country is great. But as a new person to the working life style here there are a few things you should know.

“New Zealanders are known for simply getting on with the job and finding solutions. It is a product of our relatively recent pioneering background when people had no choice but to get things done using whatever resources were at hand. That meant combining traditional ways of doing things with new ideas. Today, we still expect people to think and work independently, and we know that collaborating and working with others is essential for getting things done.” - (New Zealand GOVT, 2019).   

It is common to address colleague and Managers by their first name and treat people equally across a company.

Kiwi's are usually indirect when they ask or tell you to do something. This can be frustrating sometimes because you would rather someone get to the point or be direct. Be patient, you can always speak to your manager about how you would prefer to be managed.