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Our Services

Three steps to help you experience a more successful job hunt

Get a KiwiCV

Whether its from scratch or just a review we can help you make your CV great!

Having a CV is the key to the door with employment in New Zealand and making your CV stand out from the crowd is what we do. We will work with you to build, write and proof your CV towards the job or industry you want.

We provide you with a first draft and work with you till we get it right

Cover Letter

A must have to apply for many job opportunities in New Zealand.

Often jobs require cover letters as part of your application. This basic letter of introduction is sometimes the only thing an employer will read when assessing your application. It is important to get the right information and the right emphasis in your cover letter.

Interview Coaching

One on one coaching to get you familiar with the interview process. 

The work culture in New Zealand is different to other countries. Our laid back approach, desire for work-life balanced combined with the “she’ll be right” attitude can be unnerving when you are unfamiliar with how things are done around here.  Our interview coaching service will take you through the interview process, provide tips and tricks and take you through answers to some common interview questions.

Get a KiwiCV here

Purchase one of the options below depending on your individual needs. The Professional Kiwi is for those who know what industry or level of job they are after. The Kiwi, is designed for those applying to lots of different jobs. The cover Letter, we suggest for everyone who has a job in mind and wants to make an impression on the Employer.


Want one on one coaching?