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Applying for Jobs in New Zealand?

KiwiCV creates personalised CV’s designed to help new New Zealanders make the most of our unique job market. Whether you have been here a while or are fresh to New Zealand our goal is to get your CV in competitive shape.

We work with customers to build a CV and covering letter that will get your skills noticed by Employers helping you get a foot in the door at a new job faster.

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Our Services

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Our Values

These are our guiding principles for all our work. We hold these dear to our hearts.

Inclusion & Diversity in the work place

At KiwiCV, we know the value that diversity can add to a work place and believe that inclusive workplaces make for better, more productive outcomes and societies.

Equal Opportunity

It is our core belief that experience and attitude are what qualifies you for a job. Not your age, race, gender or sexuality.


Integrity is in everything we do. It is integral to our  operations and how we show respect to clientss and their future employers.


Not unfamiliar with how it feels to struggle getting your CV looked at, unsteady personal situations and being in a foreign country, we endeavour to treat all clients with compassion and respect.